Sunday, June 28, 2009

So Gross!

Passing by my boys' room, they said "Hey Mom, we're frying a catepillar."

I did not think much of what they said-probably some imaginary play so I continued on. Then my curiosity got a hold of me and I went into their room. There they were, my 2 'big' boys (8 & 5) on their bottom bunk bed frying the poor catepillar on their bed clamp lamp!

They radiated sounds of "Ooooohh! Cooooool!"

And all I was thinking was "Eeewww! Gross!"

I calmly said to please bring their bug findings back outside. They happily obliged to give it a good funeral. But before they did, they came to me to show me that they also cut him in half between 2 legos. (It seems there is a lego in every post lately!)
BTW- I even took a picture but don't have the heart to post it-it is quite gross!

BOYS! Boys will be boys!

God bless,

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