Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm such an AHCM *edit

You know your an "AHCM"-at -home-cool-mom -when you say:

*I am way so cool that I even forgot to say it the correct way, which should be "SAHCM"- stay-at-home-cool-mom. What a goof I am! ha ha!

"If you're playing tag in the house, that's not cool. But... if you play tag on your, that is cool!"

Has it really come to this? I mean, really! All I can do is laugh.

Live. Laugh. Love.
Okay, so I think I got all those covered by 8:40am this morning.

AND...yet another one...

My kids have been watching Neil Diamond youtube clips for the past 1/2 hour of "America" and "Sweet Caroline" (LOVE THESE SONGS!)...and my oldest says "Wow, he's really good. He should be on American Idol."

Isn't that hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! HA!! HA!!

Now, where was I...oh, back to school now...(heeeee heeeee!)
God bless!

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