Thursday, June 11, 2009

Small Sacrifices today, not small successes!

It's Thursday again! So soon!
I am thinking over my past week...I mean, I really have to think...and although I am sure that I did some small successes, what I am really feeling inspired is to call it "Small Sacrifices" and with that thought, I can only think of my husband. My wonderful, amazing, cool, energy filled husband of almost 10 years! I can't help but think of the things he does for me, not because he wants to do them necessarily but b/c he knows how much they mean to me. SO....folks...for today I am going to list my husband's SMALL SACRIFICES" and I do hope that Faith and Family LIVE won't mind a bit!!!

1. Right now, my husband took all but one child to a Boy's club meeting. I tried talking him out of it b/c at last minute he was called on to be a leader for one of the groups. I asked him how he was going to possibly do this?! He has an 8, 7, 5, 2, and 8 month old with him. ( I have the 3 year old Chickie who is VERY tired so she will be off to sleep very soon). It's awards night and he told me that he knows I've had 3 straight RAINY days and a break was much needed. I mean, c' this man serious?!?! I SO do not deserve him! See what I mean? Wait...there's more...

2. I had to go to a very important meeting yesterday morning to discuss some schooling issues. I mean the whole morning. I could have opted out of it...somehow...but to my husband, it was well worth going to. He supported me going to it by working from home. How he did it is beyond me. I guess the TV and movies were a hit around here but, he did it! Do you see what I mean yet? Okay, one more...

3. My baby is co-sleeping with us (don't ask--not my cup of tea....but anyway....) and has been keeping me up quite a bit lately throughout the night, especially from about 4am on. So, once again my husband put me ahead of his own desires and opted out of running early in the morning (he is training for a marathon and does ridiculously long runs ridiculously early in the morning. I am no morning person so this is TOTALLY not my cup of tea...but anyway...) he took the baby from me when he woke up and let me go back to sleep till 7:15am.


So, hats off to my hubby- I love you soooooooooo much! Thank you for seeing my needs and tending to them ahead of your own.

I guess I have lots to work on!!!
Till next time...
God bless,

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