Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's so BaZaAr!

There really isn't anything like a local parish bazaar!

I took my sweet baby and my 3 older awesome kids to our parish bazaar tonight and it was a blast! I love the action, the familiar faces, the noise (I can't believe I said that), the games, the dinky little toys you win that you end up throwing out a week later.
So what. We did not win any toys. We only bumped into a few people we know. Oh, and the noise? Well, I had enough of it after about 2 hours. I have so much of that noise every day, all day long, so that extra dose of noise was enough for me.

But, it was loads of fun. And my kids and I had a blast together.

I wish I could have frozen the moments of seeing my oldest in the bumper cars, smiling and laughing as he was getting whip lash! Or the moment I saw my daughter (who is turning 7 tomorrow!) on one of those airplane rides by herself that go around and around and she was all grins and waving to me each time she passed by. Or the moment I saw my kid #3 going down the gigantic slide ALL BY HIMSELF (he's only 5!). I am so proud of them. It's been a year and they all have grown up each in their own special way. Those things they never would have done a year ago.

The best treat of it all, was at the moment we were just about to leave that a man yelled out "Does anyone want a few more extra tickets?" I thought he was referring to the 20/20 drawing so I jumped at the chance to win $200 bucks! But alas, they were for one last ride of their choice and they were totally thrilled to get that treat! (Since w/money restrictions-hey, those bazaars can cost a lot!-they only got to go on 2 rides each and 1 extra for the to-be birthday girl!)

Well, after a day of lots of fun...I am ready for bed. I wish my kids were too!
God bless and good night!

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Nicole said...

Wow! What a bazaar! Wish our Church had "carnivals" like those. Sorry, but ours pales in comparison to yours! What fun!!