Friday, June 26, 2009

If my 2 yr old is out of sight, then watch out!

Last night, I did the unimaginable. I rescued a LEGO from my 2 year old son's nose! Don't ask me how in the world I knew this...he came over to me murmuring something about a lego and somehow I figured it out. I was kinda freaking out and thinking to myself if I do not get this lego out then it might go to his brain! and need surgery!

Kid #5 is something took 5 kids for one of my kids to do something totally crazy like this! He is such a stinker! I have to keep an extra close eye on him!

This is so not the only a matter of 2 days, he poured a bottle of powder in our toilets then it got all clogged up (never mind that we JUST had a plumber here to do work on our toilet which cost us a bundle!). I also found him up on the changing table smearing Balmex and Desitin all over his body!

My other kids never did such things. This cutie stinker usually does not do these things either, this is so out of the norm for him!

I'm trying to keep up with him and hopefully won't have anymore to post about him anytime soon~!

God bless,

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