Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6 kids= more love to go around

The make shift playpen suits my little baby just fine, don't you think? My 'bigger' kids are awesome with their "babysitting" techniques!

I love this stage of sitting up un-attended but not yet crawling. I am so very smitten by this little guy...he is my buddy who is always willing to snuggle just about anyone and smile and laugh. Who said I didn't have enough love to share for a 6th baby? I bet that person never had 6 kids...

God bless,


Christine said...

I love your blog. The music is such a nice touch!

Gob bless you!


Mary @ Cheerios said...

Thanks! It was quite fun picking out all those songs. There are still so many more that I want to put on there too! :)
God bless,