Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Need Help! How do you co-sleepers do it?!?!

How do you co-sleepers do it?

Your feet are really cute, but they keep me up all night when they constantly kick me or wrap around my waist.
Your hands are really cute, but they get annoying when they grab at my shirt and hair and scratch my face.
Your noises are so cute, but not at 12am, 2am, 3am and so on.
Your eyes are a beautiful blue, but I’d rather not see them at 11pm or at 4am.
Your pacifier is a great help during the day, but it wakes me up when you fling it and make noises with it all night long.
What makes you think you own our bed?
How come you like to sleep horizontally and keep changing positions all night long?

I am not really into this co-sleeping deal but it is what is somewhat working for us! Ever since early February, I feel like we had to do it b/c of his horrible bout of high fevers for 6 straight days. Since then, we tried him in the crib-too many loud crying nights too many nights in a row. He was not happy, I was not happy. We have had some great nights where I think this is so worth it. He is super cuddly and lovable and I love him so much. This is so hard for me to do but now my family is beginning to suffer b/c of these baby filled-up- all- night-interrupted- 'sleep'.

We’re right back to these sleepless nights and drinking way too much coffee and too much of a loud mommy.

I know that this phase will too pass and it is short lived but going through it is another story!
I need some input on how you families do this co-sleeping thing!!!

God bless, Mary

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Nicole said...

I am interested in hearing what others have to say..our baby is currently sleeping with us too!
Thanks for putting this question out there!