Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day- My 300th post!

What a great way to celebrate my 300th post today on the occasion of Father's Day!

Last night, as we were getting ready for bed, my hubby said "Wow, this will be 9th Father's Day!" What a joy! What a blessing he is to our family! Thank You God for him in our lives!

He is strong yet gentle.
He is quiet, yet knows how to get loud with that coaching voice!
He is determined.
He is focused.
He is a hardworking man.
He is driven.
He is debatable.
He is trustworthy.
He can play some mean baseball.
He can run some mean hills many times over.
He can run what feels like forever!
He is lovable.
He loves God.
He loves our Catholic Faith.
He loves our children.
He is passionate about being the best husband and best father.
And....he loves me!
He is my man.
He is my companion.
He is best friend.

Happy Father's Day to you, my hubby!

You are the best and I'm so glad God called us together- and we listened to Him!!! Life would not nearly be as interesting and fun and exciting without you! We love you!

When I think about fathers, Saint Joseph comes to mind instantly. A model for fathers, Saint Joseph is invoked as a protector of the family. What a role model he is for our fathers today. In fact, after our Prayer before meals, we invoke each of our children's patron Saints and then they started praying to Mary for me, and St. Joseph for our Daddy. They came up with that all on their own-isn't that sweet? St. Joseph was chosen by God to be Jesus's father on earth. God knew that Jesus would need a foster father to raise him and teach him. The Bible tells us that he was a 'just man.' That means he was a good man, honest, fair, and God-loving. Pretty good so far, huh?

When it was discovered that Mary was with child, Saint Joseph wondered what to do but decided to trust the angel and God. St. Joseph shows us how a real man is to love his woman, his wife, with a pure heart, pure intentions, great respect, and with beautiful chastity in their marriage. Good St. Joseph shows us great obedience to God in all his travels and in all his life.

He also lived his life in humility, patience, fortitude, gentleness and manliness of character. He shows us the perfect model of the true Christian!

St. Joseph, pray for my husband! Pray for us!

God bless, Mary

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