Sunday, June 14, 2009

Carbon Fiber wheels, anyone?

"Mom, I want to get a carbon fiber wheel. Okay?"

This is the type of talk I have to deal with lately. (I could be worse! ha ha) There is always room for learning for me, huh? Never a dull moment here, I'll tell ya. Please don't ask me anything about that type of wheel or biking. I have no idea. But apparently my kid #1 has all the info he needs to be convinced that he has to have one. LOL!

My kid #1 has become quite the avid bike rider lately. In fact, he went on a bikeathon yesterday with his boys club and biked 10 miles! If that was not enough, he went back out again today and while my hubby ran 15 miles (yes, 15 miles-that is just nuts too!) he went with him- and biked 15 miles!

I am so proud of him and in so much awe of how much I can actually underestimate our children's abilities! Never in my dreams would I think he could bike that much at such the young age of 8. He is very interested in triathalons! I just shake my head in awe....If there is determination with a little bit of competition (or a lot!), then watch out-here he comes! I can't wait to see what God has in store for him and his mission in life!


God bless,

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sam said...

go ryan go!!! Rob wants to know if he is training for something? +JMJ+