Saturday, September 5, 2009

What a deal!

Click on THIS.
Did you look? Did you see that price?!
Yes, it did say $98.88!

Can you imagine they cost that much? Noway, I couldn't... so I looked some more and prices that came up for them were still very very high.

Now that you saw that, imagine this...
2 of THESE at a tag sale marked for $8 each. Used but much life left in them. Not many scratches at all!
I offered $5 each and...BINGO! SOLD!

Yahooooo for me-what a deal!!!

Let me tell you that I have been looking for them all summer long, thinking they just don't make them anymore....till today :) I have wanted to find at least 2 for my kids to ride on in our very large basement, esp. for those dark and cold winter months. So, now I have them and I am so pleased. Thanks God for providing!

God bless,

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