Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mother Mary!!!

Look at THESE great coloring pages. We did not get to them today but I bet some of you may still be able to squeeze in a little coloring :)
My oldest made a great cake today for Mary. It was the classic yellow with white icing (to show her purity) and TONS and I mean, TONS, of sprinkles!
At snack today, I surprised the kids with a special chocolate treat-they were so surprised! It was chocolate covered marshmallows-yum!
At lunch, we said the Angelus and said a few Hail Mary's to honor her today. I always seem to forget this prayer for some odd reason! So, this was a huge deal for us to remember for today.

Reality hit-sort of difficult to get through today...1st day jitters and could not focus.

Okay, so now I am on this computer and my 2 yr old just took a huge handful of white icing! Whoops...
gotta go now!
God bless,

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