Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Life here has been, well...quite itchy lately. My poor little guys-4 of them as of today, including my sweet baby-have the chicken pox.

Good things:
  • they will all likely get it
  • they are all getting it around the same time-no long 1-2 weeks between kids
  • It's still summer so wearing shorts and t-shirts limit the amount of clothes rubbing on their skin and bothering them
  • The weather has been terrrrrrific! Mid-high 70's-could not ask for any better! Love it! And NO rain! Yippee
  • School, for us, has not officially begun yet (next week is my goal!)
  • Lots of movies for the sickos-their energy levels are depleted so it's actually kinda...uh, nice! if you know what I mean! I hope I am not a bad mom saying that!!! ha ha
  • We have some interest from other families who want their children to be exposed to it so this is just one way to make new friends. Ha! I'm glad to be able to 'share'!!!
  • Friends have been a great help with providing us with milk, eggs and bread. The essentials!
Bad things:
  • Itchy
  • Lots of Aveeno Oatmeal baths
  • Lots of Calamine lotion
  • Lots of whiny, annoying and weepy children
  • Lots of movie watching (good for the sickos but bad for the energy filled somewhat well children b/c once the movie goes off-they go wacko hyper and my sickos are still laying there all chilled out)


  • There are still loads of dirty dishes waiting for me to attack them
  • more laundry still to be done
  • school prep to be looked at and attempted*(-key word) to finish
  • and my girls are STILL up talking and singing songs

I guess nasty chicken pox cannot rob the giggles out of my kids!

God bless,

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