Monday, September 21, 2009

She's baaaaaaaaack!

We got home from the doc appt this morning, and although her asthma looks awesome (great news!), she may have the chicken pox (uh oh) or they may just be mosquito bites. Time will tell as the day progresses. Will keep updated on this blog.

The other great news is that she can come out and play with her siblings and out of her room! No more isolation! yay! yipee!

Since she has been home, that is exactly 40 minutes so far, she has 1-held and fed the baby, 2-swept up my kitchen, and 3-is now cleaning the dishes in my sink.

No joke! She initiated this help ALL ON HER OWN!

See how easy it is to love a munchkin like her? :)

Oh, it's good to have her back! So good!

God bless,

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