Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where's my girl?

Remember I told you about my kid #5 and his love for Mother Mary? Well, the other night all the kids were asleep except my (once again!) 2 year old and he kept mumbling something while in his crib. It started as a gentle mumble increasing into a yell.

Daddy went in to see what was up and he said very passionately "Where's my girl? Where's my girl?" to my hubby.

Daddy was totally confused until my little guy said "Where's my girl?! Ya know, Mary!"

We have these little figures of all different Bible characters and one is Mary that I found at the dollar store, except they did came separately AND bonus! they were only a dollar! :) Bargain -yeah! This is the Mary he was talking about! How cute, huh?!

God bless,


Jess said...

That is so cute!

My youngest sister named her baby doll "Baby Jesus" because she thought it resembled the one in the church Nativity.

Aside from the fact that "Baby Jesus" was quite the nudist (what is with little kids and naked toys anyway?), it was a bit disconcerting to have a toddler run around the house yelling "Where's my Baby Jesus?!"

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Hi Jess,
That is so cute! It is funny how kids take to certain stuffed animals/dolls etc...and how great that your sister and my little guy took to ones that resembled the Holy Family!
God bless.
Do come back, visit and comment anytime! God bless you, Mary