Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Pic #3

Summer Pic #3

I title this one "Look what I found! Now, let's go fishin'!"

It was quite hard to decide what picture to use for today. There were 3 pics that I had to choose from and I think this one ranks #1! This is my kid #1 holding up his VERY LONG and quite gross worm! I have NEVER EVER seen one this long before, have you?!?!

The other 2 pics are below...
I love this one-it captures my kids behaving well and sharing well! They must have colored in those coloring books for 45 minutes. That is huge for them! (Making momma proud! :)

This picture is one of all of my kids, minus the baby and I, carrying cans of food into the seminary here in town. They love to do this and I love to declutter those cans, esp. of chicken noodle soup! Even my little ones, 2 and 3, were carrying a can in each hand. Oh, what the brothers must have thought as they saw my 5 coming into their seminary!

Happy Summer and God bless,


sam said...

any glimples of my favorite seminarian?

Mary @ Cheerios said...

I wish! I did see all of them playing some soccer. I should have taken pics of them!!! oh well, next time.
God bless,