Monday, July 13, 2009

He is so melancholic!

You know how there are just certain things that make you wonder and be in awe of your spouse. You know those things. Those things that sometimes even make you go a little nutty? Those things that made you wild in attraction when dating may become just the things that drive you nutty and (a different!) wild at times?

My hubby. He is the best. He is driven with the utmost passion about certain things in life (its a good, no...a GREAT thing those things include me (yay!) and our kids (double yay!). I believe I mentioned it before but once again I am in awe of his running. He is training for his first (I say first b/c I have a feeling this running deal will last for a loooooooooong time) marathon.

Yesterday, Sunday, he ran 18 miles! Yes, you heard me right. 18 miles! What a nut, huh? I told you he has mucho passion about things-which as you can see includes running. Okay, that is not the only thing that is amazing to me but the fact that he ran it at 4:45am-starting time- AND that he ran it WITHOUT AN IPOD! Did you hear me? This man of mine took his running time to THINK! Oh my dear. I am so NOT melancholic. This is completely, totally, absolutely 100% odd to me.

I cannot imagine running 18 miles. AND I cannot imagine running 18 miles without anything to listen to but the birds. Don't get me wrong. I love the outdoors, I do indeed love the sound of birds. But both those things mixed with running and 18 miles is soooo not me. Give me a camera and nature, my awesome comfortable walking sandals, a water bottle, and an IPOD or portable CD player or even my phone to call my long lost friends. Now I am all set.

Good thing opposites attract, huh?!
I thank God for this difference b/c God knows just what we need. If it was not for his melancholic tendencies and those times for him to think, who knows where we'd be. He always has a way to make sure I am thinking straight and brings me back to reality in my little life of sometimes crazy spontaneity.

God bless him!

God bless you too!
Hope you are enjoying the summer-we sure are!
God bless,

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