Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation Pics

B/c we all know pics are the best! So, here ya go...

Here is the pic on our way trucking across the very very wide state of PA. It was not a nice scene but did clear up-Thank God!

This was our 1/2 way stop, playing at a school playground. It was about 11am and there was no one to be seen. It was a ghost town big time! It was such a cute pretty town too. What a shame no one out there to enjoy it but my loud crew!
I love this picture of 3 of them on the see-saws! It is so cute, don't you think?

It was a total of 11 hours but worth every heartache. I thought it was going to be a good vacation, but turned out to be a GREAT one! It did take me till Wednesday (that is Saturday till Wednesday morning:4 plus days-ouch!) that I was in a mood-I was just totally wiped out from just packing and the stress of getting 8 people ready for 7 days camping (albeit in a cabin but still!). It was early Wednesday morning that something clicked and I thought to myself: "What am I doing? I am ruining our family vacation! I have to change my mood. Lord, help me" or something like that. So, I changed and the week just got better and better. We arrived and to my childrens' delight was a bunch of horses! They loved them so much, feeding and petting them.

Isn't this the COOLEST thing for kids?! Mine spent TONS of time playing on it:
Here we are in our cabin, our very small cabin. We are told it can hold up to 9 people. Let it be known it is only for sleeping! It was very hard for us all to be up and around in the cabin. There was a loft which we called the "attic" or "playroom" and that kept only the smallest of attention. The great thing was that after 12noon lunch there was constant sports and games that my kids loved to play and swing sets and pool, toys galore. It was perfect for them! Perfect for us!

Yeah, I know I'm such a bad mom putting my kids to work! (Heee heee!) they had to keep up w/ their chores even on vacation! I let it go for about 2 days and I was stressing out-uh, that mood I was talking to you about, those dishes added to it. BUT ANYWAY, my kids were not too upset and just did them-I think we gave them a bribe too. Hey, treats always work good :)

There are more pics but I don't have the time to post them all right now! Here is a great pic of the JULY 4th fireworks that we saw on our way home! It was sooooo cool-we stopped for a little potty break, my oldest got out to run into the hotel and as we waited, we heard very very loud booms and of course all the kids woke up (argh!) but what a delight! Right on the other side of the bushes were their town fireworks so we got front row seats! It was really great!

I'm off to sleep now.
Good night and God bless,

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