Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Pic #6

Summer Pic #6
I title this one "Team Uniforms"
Not only is my hubby enthralled in the sport of running and lots of it but our kids have shown a big interest in it the past year. Here they are all dolled up and ready to get their running sneakers on for Daddy to time their 2 laps at the local high school. Just about each Sunday morning after mass, they go out and practice. They really do enjoy it.
Our big run that they really look forward to is the kids run (1/2 mile) on Labor Day. They did it for the first time last year...and this year they are at it again! Even my almost 4 year old (in about a month!) has finally completed 2 laps w/out stopping on a HS track-that is half a mile! She is quite small (well, both of my girls are! Sweet and simple. Tiny and precious. Whatever you want to call it! :)) and that is HUGE for her little legs to do! But she was determined...anything that her older siblings can do, she can do too.
There is quite a lot of determination smushed in with some good competition in our family!!!
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Jess said...

What a sweet picture! I am one of six kids myself (only have one of my own so far, though) and this picture reminds me of my childhood.

There is something so special about the bond between siblings, especially in a large family.