Friday, July 17, 2009

Staying home with the kids is so worth it

to see the smile and joy of accomplishment of my kid #2 opening a can of Spaghetti O's for the very first time all by herself!

And then watching her proceed to open my can of soup, all the while saying "Why isn't this woorrrrrrrrrrrrrking?" And then it splats ALL OVER THE KITCHEN, in her hair and on my back. And then not loosing it, but looking at her with a smirk on her face and I smile and giggle and she asks "Why are you laughing?" And then I say that "sometimes in life you just need to laugh! "Ha! It's all over me and in your hair too!"-I said back to her. Then we both laughed and she cleaned it up without being asked.

Good enough reason?

I didn't think so, so how about these reasons:

Of course that is just one small reason why staying home is soooooo worth every effort, every smile and every tear, every bit of not getting the latest fad or latest toy, every bit of seeing your older child reading a book to a younger one just because, every bit of hearing your child singing along to "Don't worry, be happy", every bit of watching one of your children run to grab a small toy out of the hand of the babe before he chokes on it, every bit of being the very person your child runs to everytime they fall or need a snuggle, every bit of being the very person your crying child runs to when they don't want to share but have to, every bit of reading "Good Night Moon" and "The Fierce Bad Rabbit" 10 times every day; every bit of teaching them over and over how to add 2 and 2 or how to spell C-A-T or how to say a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel....
and that's just the beginning of why.

B/c basically, my life is for you, my children. All I do is b/c I love you, my dear children, my dear husband. I may not the be the best patient and calm Mom, but my love for you is deep and I will always pray and trust God that he will provide for us, and provide the graces for me to keep trying and trying to be the best Mom for you.

Because you are totally worth it!
You are the reason I am a Mom and I thank you!

Wow, deep thoughts, huh!? That came outta nowhere! I can be pretty mushy!
God bless,


Ryan said...

Nice post...

Mary @ Cheerios said...

You bet babe! :) It's b/c of you, b/c of us, b/c of God!
Love you!