Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kateri feast day

Got that from here. Happy Feast day of Kateri Tekawitha!

Here is some info on her. My kids LOVE her! She is one of my girls' favorites to dress up as (VERY EASY and very easy to find at consignment stores or garage/tag sales too!), esp. for our homeschooling group All Saints Day party!

We will be making lots of Indian head-dresses with construction paper and have a pow-wow...or something fun and cool like that! And of course today, I am sure there will be lots of dressing up as Indians.

We will also be listening to this today from Glory Stories! We love Glory Stories!

REALITY check: Today we are filled with fevers, sore throats, ice pops and great Indian head dresses, and not to forget lots of coffee for Momma so I can keep going and going and going...! :)

Oh what a night last night was...c'mon coffee-get workin'!
God bless,

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