Thursday, May 28, 2009

Small Successes- It's Thursday!

Small things done with great love mean a lot!

For this week:

1. For one, I am finally back to jotting down my small successes for Thursdays! I have been neglecting them a bit lately...partly b/c I forget and partly b/c I just can't seem to THINK that much lately! But, here is it for this week :)

2. I have consciously been trying to hug my children more and telling them how proud I am of them and pointing out all the great things they do many times every day. Too many days, I find myself harping on them waaaaay too much. I am working on it...I am such a work in progress.

3. Last night I met up with friends for a Holy Hour. I was a tad bit late -20 mins.!-so it was more like a "Holy 40 minutes"! ha ha! After the Holy Hour we were having a Bible study that I was sooooo ready for. I called to check in w/ my wonderful man and he asked me to just come home. What, you ask, is my small success? Well, I did not freak out at him but simply obliged. Maybe this counts as a huge success! (heee heee) It was not that he actually needed me home to help out (although it surely does not hurt to have Momma home to snuggle with before bedtime) but he was thinking of me b/c I had to get out early this morning. What a sweetheart!

Well, that's it folks. God is good!

Go check out some more at this website, Faith and Family Live!

God bless and good night,

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