Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to win over your hubby

How about some shitake and asparagus, garlic and fresh parsley over penne alongside some broiled salmon with lemony dill?
(all done within 30 minutes after my arrival home!)

This is the way I buttered up my hubby right before I told him the amount of money I just spent on food. (Yikes!!!) Did it work?? You betcha! Us women so know how to win over our men- either through a really yummy meal or a great back rub! (right ladies?!)

Now, I just have to show this picture:Is this not the CUTEST thing to see on your 6 year old daughter's bed at 8:45am this morning? She is so adorable! And get this- I did NOT tell her to do this~! Can you tell she has soccer tonight and loves it?!

God bless, Mary

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