Friday, May 29, 2009

Look what we found!

Aren't these the sweetest baby birds you've ever seen? Kid #2 was putting outgoing mail in the mailbox and passed by something. She took a double look, a closer look and it was, sadly, a dead baby bird. She came and told me and I went to look at it. Upon closer look, I saw lots of white bird poop in an area right near it. Thinking that was odd, I looked closer to find these little guys! Aren't they so cute?

My kids are THRILLED to see them! They are very concerned how to make sure no more fall out of the nest. Any ideas? They immediately said "Let's ask St. Francis to pray for them!" So cute, huh!?!? There is that little one that is not in the nest and on the branch near it. I have a feeling they will be checkin in on their friends very often! I hope the momma and daddy bird don't mind!

This finding makes me think of Jessica- and her blog post! And this post she did too!

God bless, Mary

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