Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mary!!!

....Blessed Mother Mary, that is!

Along with everything else that I want to check off my long, never-ending checklist, I am going to add in making a cake for Mary's Birthday Feast day today.  I hope we can get to it!  I know my kids will be asking why we did not make one, if we don't get to it!

In hopes that we make one, my idea is to have white icing/frosting to symbolize purity and blue candles or icing flowers with this little statue of Mary that we have to be placed right in the middle.  I hope we have 10 candles b/c how fun it would be to say a Hail Mary for each candle....a decade of the Rosary!!!

And, I bet my child #3 will not forget to bring Mary some fresh flowers to place near her!
We'll be coloring some pics of Mary today too:


Blessed Mother, Pray for us and Happy Birthday!

God bless,

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