Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Father knows best

Before I start our day and get into the grove of schooling, I have to post on something.

Something important.

So important, that if I do not post on it, it will bother me and make me think about it all day long...

Yesterday my hubby said that it would be a great idea that we both get to confession before our big 'consecration day' (see HERE) on Wednesday.  First, I thought it was great idea too till I realized that he meant that we ALL should go.   You know, as a family.  You know, as in bringing ALL the kids along too.  Then my attitude changed drastically to 'noway will that work out' attitude.  We tried it before and it did not work out.  We tried and got disappointed.  I was discouraged.  I did not want to get 'in the mood' to go to confession just to be frustrated and upset that it did not work out.   (psssst...do you blame me?!)

Well, my hubby put me IN MY PLACE.  He persisted in thinking it was a great idea and that we needed to do it to get totally ready for our special day, especially. 

Not that I did not want to go, mind you. 

I sure have sins that need a good wash away. 

But I did not agree till he stated "Trust me, will you?   You just have to trust me with this.  We NEED to do this."

With every bit of courage I could muster up, I agreed.

We all got to the church and no one was there.  No cars, no lights on. 

Just as I suspected, I thought.  Another mess up.

But the church doors were open.  So I decided to give it a try and go in.  I told my sweet and endearing husband that if I do not come out in 1-2 mins then there were confessions going on.

I went to the darkened chapel and sat there in complete silence.  Oh, that felt terrific.  It was wonderful.  Jsut as I was about to totally convince myself that no priest was there, and no confessions were to be heard tonight, the lights went on.  The priest walked in.  Into the confessional he went and the door stood open for me, alone.  No one else was there.  Just yet.  It was just me.

Was this meant to be?  You betcha.  I cannot disagree that my husband was totally RIGHT ON with this! 

I trusted him and went along with the actions of my will, not with my feelings (which were not in agreement with him). 

Confession.   It was so healing.   So needed.

Once I came out, I saw a line of 9 people waiting.  I guess that is my penance now...to wait with the kids while my hubby and oldest son waited inline for confession.

Good thing for my husbands' love.
Good thing for my husbands' leadership.
Good thing for our Faith.

Thank you God for my husband. You know how much I need him. 

God bless,

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Katie said...

That is a great story! I often feel that way too, abotu my husband, when he nudges me to do things that I do not want to do, but SO NEED to do.