Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 1st Week Captured

1st day of school
That type of day.  I won't show you the freak out pics! haa haaa

Wednesday...a much better day.
Book Club for my kids-2 groups- one is K-3rd grade and the other is 4th grade to 8th grade.
We all enjoyed that very much.
I hope some of my younger kids will get some good positive peer pressure to get on the band wagon and start reading more!!!
AND it was also... 
Mary's Bday

Remember that grand idea of making a 'white cake w/blue frosting and 10 blue candles'? 
Not quite, huh?! haaa haaa. 
Actually we made  what we thought would turn out to be blue cake for Mary's bday but  the only cake we had was yellow and know, yellow and blue do not make blue cake~!  I guess it was a great lesson in planning on my part and a great lesson in primary colors for my kids! lol!
Do you like those red dollops? 
They are supposed to be red roses for Mary and my kido #4 made 10 of them so we actually did get around to saying a decade of the Rosary for Mary-all were happy ;)


We had a kick off of the homeschool year Mass with my parishs' homeschool group.  There are a total of 77 families involved from about 3-4 parishes!  It is awesome! 
We then all went to a park to celebrate Blessed Virgin Mary's Bday and had a procession of Our Lady of Lourdes outside.  It was beautiful and my kid #1 was chosen to be one of the 4 bearers of statue on its' wooden thingy majiggy(brain freeze here).  He was so proud!  I wish I took my camera w/me!
After the Rosary procession, all the children and moms got to have one of the Rosary cupcakes.  It was so special to be a part of.

Saturday (Today!!!)
Remembering 9-11~~~  May the souls of the departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace.
We will not forget....

We started with soccer this morning-it was great-it is a homeschooling soccer league.  Can you believe they actually have them?!  Me either!!!  We were so thrilled b/c 1-the kids are all homeschooled and 2-the price was unbeatable and 3-they all play at the same time on the fields so it is only 1 day/week and we can all go together.  It was a perfect match for our family! :)

Then, we decided to commerate this day 9-11, if you will...  to spend w/our family, our loved ones.  We went on a 1 1/2-2 mile family HIKE.  We LOVE to hike so this was perfect.
Perfect weather, perfect company. 
I thank God for this day.
A gift.

Do you notice in my kids' hands were papers?  I couldn't let a chance to learn some science and have fun pass by, would you?  I made scavenger hunt lists.  Pictures of what to find for the little kids and a list of tons of things for the big kid.
The list was this for the young crowd:

1) Pinecone
2) Moss
3) Clover Leaf
4) Feather
5) Wild Flower
6) Pebble-size of your thumb
This was the super list for the bigger kids:
Hiking Scavenger Hunt List:

__Wild Flowers
__Dead tree
__Pine cone
__Poison ivy
__Stream or creek
__Blade of grass
__Clover leaf
__Pine tree
 _Seeds or seed pod
_Eroded soil
__Smooth/shiny rock
__Grain of sand
__Y-shaped twig
__Pine needles
__Acorn or other nuts
__Tree with blossoms
__Hole in a tree
__ creek
__Dark or light green leaf
__Small pebble
__Unusual shaped leaf
__Rocks with many colors
__Different shades of green or brown
__Dew on a flower or leaf
__Fungus on a tree
__Shows next season is coming
__Animal tracks
__Butterfly or moth
__Spider web
__Birds nest
__Insects on a tree
__Deer tracks
__Animal hole in the ground
__Leaf with insect holes
__Evidence of the presence of animals
__Evidence of the presence of people

Now that I look at that list, I guess it was pretty lengthy!!! But how fun it was!!! I think it'd be fun for adults to bring along a list like this while out hiking.  Why not, right?!   
Go ahead, copy it and print it off for your use-it was really fun to find these things!

It is late now...for me, at least.  I need some sleep so good night!
And, God bless,

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