Monday, September 27, 2010

2nd Birthday Pics!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little "baby"!!!

You are 2 and you do not have a little sibling out of Momma's tummy...yet!  This is the first for any of our children.  You are so special, you add so much to our family ;)

You love baseball....
You love to hit baseballs....
...and watch football w/Daddy....
...and cheer on your brothers and sisters as they play soccer!

As if you have not noticed, this lil guy LOVES any sport that has to do with BALLS!  Of course what did we get him?  A bucket full of balls-all kinds of balls and a new bat and he loved it as does his siblings playing along!

That is your baseball birthday cake-I tried so hard to make that pink into red but it was not turning red so I'm sorry lil guy but I guess that's what happens being baby #6!!!

God bless you, lil guy, we love you so!

May you always stay close to God and our Blessed Mother!

God bless,

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