Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boys and new found respect

Oh boy.

And I mean OH BOY, or should I say OH BOYS!

I have been experiencing a whole new way of parenting of boys.

I have never had 2 boys in a row-wtih all our 6 children, it has always alternated...until the last 2.

Just imagine, if you do not have boys or do not have 2 BOYS in a close age relations...

Just imagine 2 young boisterious boys (is that spelled right? haaa!) that are 3 1/2 and just turned 2.  WOWEEE!!! I mean, wow.  I surely did not expect this, nor was I warned!  yikes.  I know boys are hyper and loud and their super high energy levels never cease.  I have 4 (at least right now...who knows what is next) so I thought I knew but noway did I know.  With every boy we have been blessed with (let me tell you...they are such a blessing-boys are great....and wild!) there has always been a girl to follow to interupt the constant flow of boys.    I know boys love to wrestle, to tease, to do tons of handstands and flips and whatever else to show off their 'testosterone stuff' to either their sibling or just to themselves.  I know boys are into competition-in just about EVERYTHING.  I know there will be tons of pirate stuff, cars, trucks, mud, dirt, ripped up books, and many broken items.  I know this is normal.  I know this is simply how boys are made and made to be.  I don't want to supress this, but I do ask God daily how to deal with it!!!  I know this all about boys. 

But what I did not know is times it by 2 and watch out!  wow. 

I guess this is my little explanation for yesterdays' post.

I know of a number of moms out there in person and on blogs that have boys in a row-even more than 2 boys in a row.  You are my heroes.  Seriously.  And if you have a minute, please do share any advice that you think would be helpful to this momma.  Thanks a bunch!!!

God bless,

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