Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pure joy

If you could only have just seen the intense joy and realization that my oldest son had on his face a minute ago, and how he found out he can actually help another person...it would probably could convert tons of people.

The kids are all either asleep or reading right now.  My oldest walks over to me as I am tidying up...

"Mom, what is a novena?"

Then I went on to tell him and he said..."So, I can say one for someone?"

"Sure you can."  I reply.

"You mean I can say one for a special family member to come back to the Catholic Faith?"

"Oh, indeed you can.  Yes, you can."  I conclude.

Up on his tippy toes he went with his heart shining through his smile as wide as the ocean, and his eyes are big as watermelons and I do believe I even heard a tiny squeal.

"So, what do I say?  I mean, which one?"  he asks.

We google novenas, to who else but what i thought appropriate...his patron saint.  Sure enough, right on EWTN site, there it was.  I copied it and printed it and off he went with joy.

This is what it's all about, right?
Thank you God for allowing me to see how You are so powerful to work in little people's hearts and souls.  Help me to become like a little child, so that I too, can enter Heaven.

God bless,