Monday, April 4, 2011

Livin' on the edge

Yesterday, our family went on a hike to a new forest park.  It was one we were told was full of great hiking adventures.   Since our family loves the outdoors and hiking is one of our top activities to do together, we couldn't wait to get there! :)

We decided on a path that was along side the big stream and of course my kids loved it!  What kid wouldn't?  I love the woods, the sounds of birds chirping or flying overhead.  The sounds of crinkling leaves underfoot, the sounds of rushing water over rocks.   So soothing and I am so glad we all enjoy this together.  

On part of the hike, my hubby and I were getting nervous as we watched them ahead of us and the path got dangerously close to the water.    At one point, we had to pull them aside to talk with them about getting too close to the edge and not knowing b/c one cannot see, if there is adequate support under what one is standing on or else it will cave in and drop and they'll fall in the water.  A couple giggles resounded as that sounded pretty fun to them but then I reminded them that their younger siblings do not swim and could drown an that was the clincher-they got it and understood our point.  Thank God!

It made me think about in a short amount of years,  I will not be there to pull them back and warn them.  I will have to trust and hope that they'll make the right decision, esp. when I am not looking.  For right now, they have me to help them but not for long.  This is the time of youth, of formation, and I pray that we can help them in the way God needs us to and that is pleasing to our Lord.  Then, I'll have to let go and watch.  But for now, I think I have a little more time.  Thank you God for this time.  Precious time.

God bless,

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