Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hi :)  I wrote a comment on another blog and it came so easily to me to comment on her blog!  And here I sit trying to figure out what to write on my own blog! haaa haaa LOL!

So, I thought..why not copy and paste what I wrote on HER blog on MY blog!

Here it is:

She was having trouble and with homeschooling&kids and life in general and I responded:
Sometimes that's all we need for a weeee bit-a break. Good for both momma's and kids' spirits, right? The cirriculum has EVERYTHING to do with mom being excited to have school as much as the kids.  We use CHC -catholic heritage Cirriculum and it is so much low key and fits our family so much better than others. Took me a few years to switch but so glad. Yes, we have rough days but that's ok. and its ok that you take days *off*. Why not?! You homeschool and you can do that! :) One thing I try to remember frequently is that we are called to raise little saints, and homeschooling is so much more about HOME than school. I totally know about that fighting and how it drives us MOmmas nuts. but hang in there. Even if I just PRAY with the kids, do reading and math-that is a great school day for us. Lower your expectations. It'll all be ok. Beg God for guidance and fortitude, wisdom, and sef control and believe He can help you and will give you the graces. Praying for you...God bless you.
So, that is what my post is today.  Simple enough.
God bless,

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