Friday, April 29, 2011

Totally lovin' this moment

My 4 yr old little man ran to my oldest daughter and said, very giggly:

"I thought I married Momma, but I didn't!  (insert heee heee giggle giggle)  I just married 'little lady'!"

You see, just moments before I was nursing little lady and 4 yr old little man came over...

"Oh, Momma, I just have to give her a kiss." 

(Btw, this is nothing new...4 yr old little man adores and I mean, ADORES, his baby sister and is so sweet w/her.)

So I propped her up and just then she turned her head to see him and BOOM-he smooched her right on her lips! :)  The giggles and smirks arose from within him!  Oh if you could have seen his face! 

Now, according to my kids, if a man and woman kiss on the lips, that equals marriage. 

(Not a bad indicator, wouldn't you say???)

He tells me that he just married little lady and I have tried to convince him that he did not.  How do I explain that one to a 4 yr old?  Who knows...but  right now, it is awfully cute!!! :)

4 yr old kids ROCK!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this age!!!
Thank you God for this moment...

God bless,

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