Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just another day in paradise

It was brought to my attention, that others that may read my blog think that my life is so peachy and I am one awesome super mom (which I am so not).  Let me assure you that I am in need of a lot of graces, everyday, to do what I do.  I beg God for graces to be a good mom and to know and do His Will everyday.  I try and I fail.  I try again. And I usually fail again.  I do not do well under stress and right now, stress is my life.  With 7 kids under age 10, stress is my life.  So, you can only imagine that it is tough for me.  I like to laugh and be with other people and that helps to relieve my stress.  So, you may see me laughing a lot.  That is me under stress in the company of others.  Get my point?  I hope so :). 

If I don't mention it, it's b/c I have a incredibly sweet little lady to occupy my mind...but don't forget that I do have a set of 2 boys in a row-age 2 1/2 and 4...that at most times are a handful.  They are super cute and alone, they are pretty good but together they are double trouble-watch out!  I wonder if they'll always be that oil and water combo. 

I mean, really.  Do they HAVE to argue about every little thing that goes into one of their hands?  For instance, this morning the hot item was hangers and then it was an empty baking powder can and then it was my keys and then it was backpacks and then cheerios/granola/oatmeal and then it was etc....   Then it was that baking powder can I thought was a great idea to use as a pencil holder for school.  Those green people would be proud of me, right?! :)  I thought it to be a swell idea too, until my 2 little men saw it.  Why, oh why, do these little men always want to play with things that are NOT toys?   And that was it for me.

I caught myself mid-sentence yelling "IF I WANT TO USE THAT CAN FOR A PENCIL HOLDER, THEN I CAN USE IT AS A PENCIL HOLDER!  DO YOU HEAR ME?"  (and yes, I think they did hear me and the rest of our neighborhood too. ;() 

I do have to mention, BTW, that while this was going on with the little boys, that my older 4 were having catechism trivia games all the while they ate their breakfasts.  I guess I have to look at the bright side, right?

And for those little boys....we have moved the playroom upstairs into our living room so that I can keep a better eye on these boys.  I thought that to be quite the solution (thanks Holy Spirit!).   Indeed, it was for a short time.  Yet, those toys are up here but they want not much to do with them lately.  So, then I thought a good solution was to get rid of a bunch of toys.  Why have so many if they just sit there, right?   Give them to kids that would appreciate them and actually play with them.  That worked...for a time.  We are down to minimal play toys now.  I wonder if that was the right decision.  Oh my...

How about some playdough?  Great idea for them, but only seems to keep them occupied a few mins.  You see, they end up fighting about the playdough or the toys associated with the playdough!  Arrrrgh.  Then that playdough ends up all over the floor and we spend MORE time cleaning up the playdough then actually playing WITH the playdough :(  I say WE b/c these boys need to know when they make a mess (uh, almost 90% of the time!) they have consequences and have to clean up.  And this momma has all the time in the world to teach them that lesson....yeah, right.

Learning is so fun, huh?  Hard life for little people sometimes too.

You may say "Well then, split those boys up if they cannot play together."  And I do.  Everyday there comes a point they need to be separated and do their own thing and that is what happens.  But in my oppinion, it is not healthy to have them in thier own rooms most of the day.  I try to teach them and minister to them on how to play together.  And this momma has all the time in the world to teach them this lesson too, right?  Yeah, right.

It's not so easy, you see.

Not that easy since I have a baby in my arms most of the day.

Not that easy that one big brother likes to smush her or hold her hands or feet a little toooooooo tight. 

Not that easy when I have 4 older kids that need to be doing school and need to be watched over and read to or they will not do school! 

Not that easy when I have a dinner to make, a house to clean, a blog to keep updated (haaa haaa!). 

Seriously, you get the point.

But, life here on earth is not supposed to be....easy.  We all have our crosses to carry. 

Matthew 16:24
"If anyone wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me."

So, there you have it.

God bless,


Maurisa said...

Do I get it? Oh boy! Do I ever! I don't think I would make it through motherhood if I didn't have my Faith. On the same note, I know my kids wont make it through childhood without my Faith!

Katie said...

Hi Mary, I always enjoy your blog! I am dealing with exact same situation minus the four older children. My almost 3 yr old & 5 year old seem to be constantly getting into it with each.Sometimes I can barely bf baby without having to jump up to see what they're up to!

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Hi Katie :) So glad you are visiting! I am also glad you and Maurisa understand-great support! Sometimes its as if I feel like the only one...
Thanks for understanding!
God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I love you!!! You make me smile, you make me feel less like a total spaz, and I'm SO GLAD you have bad days too!!

I can not wait for tuesday night!!

BTW, this is the first time I have been on the computer in ages!