Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Week

No, I have not forgotten you.

I have been struggling with what to write these past few days.  Of course, it is the holiest of weeks right now which has provided a bit of a mental block for blogging.  Not that I am complaining, though.  It seems very appropriate for this time of the year.  So, I am going with the Holy Spirit's inspirations and am keeping pretty low with the blogging deal. 

What I do wish to mention is this awesome idea from a priest at Mass this past Saturday morning.  He encouraged us all to pray a decade of the day for the week.  Not only pray it but live it and absorb it and let it seep in.  For example, yesterday, Monday, we focused it totally on the Agony in the Garden. 

For today, Tuesday, we are focusing totally on the Scourging of the pillar. 

Get the idea?  So on Friday, we can focus on the Crucifixion.  Easy and focused.  My cup of tea.

Another reason I have not blogged lately is b/c of this book:
What?  You have not heard of it?  You HAVE to read this book!  Got it?  Fork out the $ and buy it.  It will be on your most read and returning to read over and over and over again.  I promise.

I won't be too hard on you, since I, too, did not read it until a friend sent it to me in the mail.  (Thanks S!).  I was way too lazy and once I started reading it, I wished I was not so lazy!  What was I waiting for?  There are some things worth the wait.  This, my friends, is NOT.  Go get the book...as in...now.

And here is my wish for you, this week...
I am wishing you a happy and holy HOLY WEEK.  May God give you strength and courage to follow Him and accompany Him as he breaks the bread, carries the cross, and is crucified.  May God give you the ability to see all you have as gifts from Him.  May you be open to Him to allow His workings in your busy and chaotic life.  May you seek Him in everyone you know, you encounter, you love.  May you share your life and witness the light of Christ in this darkness of the world.  May you have a wonderful holy week.  May you rise ever closer to Him on Easter Sunday.

God bless,

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