Friday, April 8, 2011

150 visitors to my blog!!!

I just noticed that I not getting many visitors to my blog-no a big deal. 

To me, this blog is a way for me to let go of some of my thoughts, give others some insight into my big family, allow others to learn from my mistakes, and meet some other super great blog-moms too :)  I find some great support here in the blogosphere that is missing in the real world, unfortunatly.  Life is constantly changing and I am trying to adapt to all this technical computer stuff.  Not my favorite thing to use my time on, but a momma's gotta do what  a momma's gotta do.

...BUT get this... I did notice that waaaaaaaay back on January 13, 2009 I got 150 visitors on THAT DAY ALONE! 

What is up with that????

I guess tons of people are interested in sweet innocent 2 yr old little boys possibly dressing in little pink tutu's  b/c they have big sisters or something...haaa haaa!!!

Or, it could be that THIS post was also on that day...but,  I doubt it....must be the tutu thing. lol

And isn't God soooooo awesome?  Little did we know that we'd have a sweet little lady that they get to dress up FOR REAL now!!!! God did indeed give my girls their ultimate wish of a baby sister!!!  Thanks God!!! :)  You are so awesome!  We are all so very much in love with little lady.  She is the delight of all.

I wonder if I'll ever get that many visitors again in one day?!?!?!  woweee!!!

God bless,

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