Thursday, April 14, 2011

On my mind...

It is 11:01 am right now and I should be teaching math and reading and our study on bugs this week and everything else that makes up one of 180 days we should be fulfilling this year.  

But I'm not, you see. 

Instead, I am thinking.  Remember how to do that?  Somehow in the midst of motherhood, that gene got lost and I am re-learning how to do that.

So, here I am thinking.

Thinking about motherhood, of course.

And about why I like to take photographs of my kids so much.  Why do I?  I am thinking about that answer and I think I have a swell answer.  B/c life is moving so fast that I don't want to miss it or forget it.  That's about it and that is pretty deep, if you ask me.

I read on another blog this morning, thanks to a friend sending me the link, that 'life is not an emergency'

That, my dear readers, is another deep thought, huh?

And when I do that thing called thinking...of course I need to blog, right?  Any good blogger would.  Well, then again, I am not a self proclaimed good blogger.  Just a momma trying to do right. 

Just me.

I am also thinking about how my kids need my enthusiasm and motivation to do school.  For example, like right now, they are not doing their school work?  Dare I stop typing and re-direct their sweet hearts back to doing what they should be doing?  Noway.  I am as ready for this school year to end as they are.  No doubt about it. 

Instead, my mind is elsewhere and my ears are open to all those noises behind me.  What are they, you ask?
Let me fill you in on a secret.   A secret that all mommas of many children know, it is never quiet.  Ever.  We truly want it to be quiet --sort of that "kids are to be seen, not heard" type of life, but we know that won't ever happen.  We want quiet but the minute it goes quiet, we stop what we are doing, dig around the household to find those little munchkins getting into things that will take us Mommas all day to reconstruct before Daddy comes home to make it good like new.  So, we  get used the loud as normal.

Oh, yeah, loud means noise and I forgot to mention what those noises are behind me.  Let's see....
  • A big kid looking for his red sweatshirt that a little kid hid on him.... "Where did you put it?  Where did it go?  I don't want you to look for it, just tell me where my sweatshirt is.  Uhhh...!"  then he says "Hey Mom, did anybody ever been born only a ounce?"  That is how this big kid's mind works.  Interesting, very interesting...

  • A little boy pounding on his big brother's bedroom door to go in. 

  • A big girl trying hard to organize her room that she shares with a little girl who is a bit clean & organized-challenged...if you get my drift.

  • A piano now being played for a private audience of little lady.  She seems to be enjoying it.

  • A little boy on my lap, wiping his tears, b/c big brother won't let him into his room with that audience member b/c we all have the house rule of this child not allowed to be that close to little lady.

  • A big girl asking to try on her special Easter dress to make sure it still fits.  Good idea, so I let her.  And besides, it gives me a few mins left to finish this post. 

  • Some little guy playing around with my answering machine.  I wonder what the message will say today.... :)

Big brother carrying little lady over to me..."Uh, Mom, I think she wants to nurse now."

"Yup, hold on big guy."
  I say.

So, he gets out the Atlas of the World to show her instead.  Yeah, that will keep her interested for the next 5 minutes or so.  haaaa

Life is not an emergency. 

So why am I acting like it is?

Why am I in a hurry? 

Why do I rush from one house duty to the next? I have that running list of things to do all day long.  If that list is not that familiar w/me, I have 7 reminders. 

"No, I cannot go to war without an I.D.   One last time, tell me where my sweatshirt is.  That is where my ID is."  is what the biggest brother says walking around with his Nerf gun and  ammunition ready but can't fight the war... yet...

Life is not an emergency. 

Dear Lord, help me to realize this and to give you my life for you to render it not an emergency.  Only you can slow me down and help me to see the beauty of these fleeting moments. 

I don't just want to take pictures to remember them,
I want to be in them too.

God bless,

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