Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's still Easter!

So, all those things that I forgot to do actually ON Easter, we still get to do....

Things like the Resurrection Rolls.  Do you know about those?  Crescent Rolls (tomb), marshmallows (Jesus) , cinnamon, sugar, and melted butter (oils and scents to annoint 'Jesus')-bake and taaadaaa-the marshmallow is gone-Jesus is Risen!

And those Lenten Pretzels that I never once got around to making with the kids.  All those Fridays!  whoops! We'll try to make them this week :)

And our annual Easter Egg Rolling Contest-usually done on Easter-my family is known for  this little game.  (maybe yours too?)

And since it is Easter, my kids are asking for yet another egg hunt.  I think I can manage that too!

I like to think that God made these big feasts of Octave of Easter (and Christmas too), just for big families that can't get to everything in one day-haa haa!!! LOL

God is so good.  All glory to God :)

God bless,

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