Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt and the Pope mobile

I know, that is a wierd post title, but it is what it is! :)

On Palm Sunday, we went to a Palm Sunday celebration including an early but very happily received Easter egg hunt, carnival games and a fun time had by lots of families and most were our homeschooling families! 
It was so lovely out-yes, some of my kids even wore shorts and short sleeved shirts!!! :)

As always there is some funny or odd happening whenever or wherever we go. 
This funny thing is that I thought that the lady said we had 5 mins for our young children to gather as many eggs as possible.  So, I told another dad that and we were having a little competition. 

But little did I know, that ....whoops!...she actually said that each child was to get 5 EGGS only!!! haa!!!

It was quite commical since my kids ended up throwing a whole bunch of eggs back on the lawn again.  The other kids were running after those eggs and my kids felt like they were 'king of the hill'!!! funnnnnnny :)

Pope John Paul the Great, pray for us!God bless,

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