Friday, February 6, 2009

Sick sick sick

It's official.
We have that nasty influenza flu going on here.
My poor baby-only 4 months old- has it too. Both him and I have it the worst and because I nurse him, we cannot take any strong medicine so we have to just wait it out.
If you can spare a prayer, please pray for us-but especially him b/c after 3 days of a horrible high fever, one day without a fever-he started up with a fever again last night.

Oh, and as for the b-day cake picture from wednesday's post-it was just a picture. As for that birthday- it will have to be celebrated over this weekend when this Mommy can actually think to make a cake and have decorations to celebrate the right way! My kids were so upset when it was his birthday and we did not celebrate the way we always do, let me tell you. My kids LIVE for birthday parties! If they are not actually celebrating a real birthday, you can find them pretending a birthday party every day at this house. Yeah, a real party house we have here!!!

Gotta go wipe a nose, soothe a crying baby and try to teach a 2nd grader.
God bless,

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