Monday, February 9, 2009

Less tv & more books!

Tis it is Monday. A glorious sunny somewhat warm Monday. The family is getting well, little by little. Thank you for your prayers. Such powerful prayers can sometimes be thought useless, but don't believe so! Our Lord can and will use them as He pleases. Remember the story of the persistent neighbor? Let's not forget it!

As for today, besides lots of fluids and down time (we are still recuperating), we are learning about the drinking gourd and the underground railroad. What amazement my little ones have about this...especially when I am trying to tell them that is really happened- it is not just a fictional story! It was real! Wow, their eyes wide open with awe and with many questions.

I am trying to use this time wisely with lots of story books and not so much TV! Although that is hard to do with sick ones. I try to remind myself it is my efforts that count. So, today, I am giving it my best effort!

Here are some other books we are enjoying today:

That's it for now! I'm off to gather tons of pillows and sleeping bags and make a heep in the middle of the den b/c it's time to read books!!! I'm even going to surprise them with hot cocoa and a treat afterwards :)

Lord, I cannot WAIT for Spring. Dig this picture?!?! I sure do!!!
But for now, books and getting well is our thing :)

God bless,


Sam said...

i am still so sorry we gave you germs...Have you read the Addy series? It is one of our favorites.

Mary said...

No- what is Addy?Thanks!