Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Right way to Fight

Kids are funny! The things they say and how they say them and why they say them! :)

This morning, I encouraged my kids to vacuum the girls room- apparently a little kid #3 and Kid #5 decided it was a fun thing to crunch up saltines on the girls' rug (obviously very smart to NOT do it on theirs!).
Uh, ANYWAY... like I was saying- it is funny what, how and why they say the things they do. Because...there was quite the uproar to vacuum around here early this morning. At 7:45am. We are early risers here, don't forget. Mommies don't mind this type of and enthusiasm, and well, the-kinda- sorta- fighting!
To give you an idea, this is what I heard:
"Don't hog the vacuum, it's my turn!"
"Yeah, let me vacuum up some too!"
"My turn to vacuum!"
I mean, c'mon- this is great! :)
I have always said, and people can quote me on this, why isn't there a marketing class to prepare for parenthood? As long as we parents make something sound REALLY good, there is a great big chance, they can fall for it. It's all about marketing!!!
Happy Vacuuming to you today :)
God bless,

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