Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Momma's wonderings...

Whatever I do today, whatever my family will do today...
let us do it together.

Let us be together and relish our time together.

This time we just short. 

TIME...what a gift.

My oldest will be out of our home in probably 8 short years.  We've had him under our care longer now than compared with what we have left.

Have I done a decent job?   A good job being his momma? 

Have I held him enough, read to him enough, talked with him enough, listened enough? 

Does he know the depth of my love for him?

Is he secure in his love for God, and in his knowledge of how much GOD LOVES HIM? 

Will he stay close to Jesus and Mary all through his life?

Will he keep close to the Sacraments, gaining those graces he so desperately needs to have in this world? 

Does he know he can come to me and find his safe haven?

Will he trust me enough to confide in me his worries, his concerns, his innermost desires?

Not that I have too much on my mind lately..... HA!

(Of course all these thoughts pertain to ALL of my wonderful children, but b/c my oldest is my oldest and this is all new terrain to this Momma, I directed these wonderings towards him.)

So, this is my goal for today.  Sunday.  Be together.  Be present for  and to each other.

What will you do today that can't be put off till tomorrow? 

God bless,

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Don't make me cry dude!!! <3

I'm listening to the girl clones play, and I ponder this as well.. my oldest is nearly 10... I hope I'm not too late to change my ways!!