Friday, October 8, 2010

Q&A about Heaven w/ a 5 yr old

While my kids were watching "The Sound of Music", my sweetie 5 yr old runs up to me and says:

"Mom?  Can we sleep in Heaven?"

I replied with a smile and did not quite know what to say.  So, I said what every other educated Mommy out there would have said.  I said:

"Well, honey, what do YOU think?  Do YOU think we'll sleep in Heaven?"
She replies:

"Oh, I don't know..." 

She does a little twirl dance (what every 5 yr old does! :)heee heee) and then says this sentence in giggles and smiles:

"But, Mom, I will surely need to sleep in Heaven!  I will definetly need to sleep!  B/c I will just fall asleep, I'll be so tired!"

Don't you just LOVE 5 yr old kids?!?!
They are so innocent, so happy, so very adorable!

I think that question was answered.
Enough said from our sweet 5 yr old. :)

God bless,

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