Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I've never had a kid like this before!

It's bad enough when your 2 yr old is a bad sleeper.  Really bad.  Bad enough that I had to make that phone call.  You know, the one to the seasoned mom of say...12...and ask her "What should I do now?!?!" 

Just b/c I am having my 7th baby does not make me part of the 'seasoned and experienced' momhood. 


You see, it's b/c I have never had a child like this 2 yr old that I have now.  He went from incredibly sweet and always had to check things out first before jumping in type of child.  He had to see him Momma before he turned and ran and never ran too far from me.  He had to snuggle a bit longer than usual.  He liked to obey and make his Momma happy by tidying up and obeying quickly. 

That is...Till he turned 2.

All within a week of turning that number....2....he went from that to this....

This is the only picture that I have captured so far.  Do you see what he is doing?  Ripping apart tea bags!!!!I have not any other pics simply b/c I have been crying or in shock over all the other things he has been into.

This is surely not the first thing he has done. 

Oh no.

All within a 4 day span, he has:
  • openend and dumped 13 packets of oatmeal all over my kitchen, laying in it making snow angels.
  • spread red glitter all over our *carpeted* school room.
  • threw green glitter all over that *carpeted* school room.
  • broke eggs on my kitchen floor
  • unzipped one of the cushions on our couch and ripped out the insides?
  • tore up tea bags, not once...but twice-including today (the pic you see above).
Now, you may ask me...how can he get away with this?
I have no idea! 
Did you know that I keep my oatmeal and tea bags way up high in our pantry?  (Of course you did not know that!).

Did you know that the glitter in up high in our (uh, yes) UP HIGH in our school closet that is with a baby proof lock?  ( I guess not tested on this specific child!).

This is child #6 and if it was something that was genetic....uhm, I think it would have happened before at least with one of my other children?!?  Argh.

Ok, I also have a 3 yr old that is not as innocent as he looks either.  He is quite the teddy bear and such a lovey too.  Interesting...when I have these 2 companions separated, rarely a problem will arise.  BUT when these 2 are together--watch out!  Double Trouble!

Do you have any child like this?
Do you have any advice for me? 
I could really use it!

Thanks and God bless,


Katherine said...

Wow. That is an impressive week for a 2 year old.

It sounds like baby locks and high shelves are no deterrent for him. The only thing I can think of is if there were 1 room you could confine him to and only worry about what he can get into in that room, until this destructive curiosity stage is a little more controllable. Our 1 year old (16 months) can climb just about anything, which gives this pregnant mommy too many panic attacks. After catching her on the kitchen table, we have restricted her free range to the living room, where I generally am, and where she generally can't get into a lot of trouble. I hate restricting her space this way, but it keeps me more sane.

Of course that is assuming you have a baby gate he can't get past. Sorry I don't have more than that.

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Thanks, Katherine, for those ideas. I wish I could contain that little boy, but it is pretty impossible to!!! The way our house is situated, I try to keep him on one floor and have a gate up already, but w/5 other big siblings, he likes to follow them around quite a bit! :)
Do you notice any pattern with this behavior-boys vs. girls? hum...I wonder...but my other boys were not like this, so who knows!
Thanks again,
God bless,
p.s. Your blog is great! How far along are you??? Congrats!!!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Bubble. I think all 2yo should live in clear bubbles... let's find some together?

Katherine said...

Mary. Thank you. I'm almost halfway. I get to schedule my midway sonogram soon. Can't wait!