Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

We're researching what saint that each of my kids want to be...dialy it is changing! haaa haaa :)

Our homeschool group has a All Saints Day party next weekend (so excited about it!!!) and I really need to get this figured out so I can shop this weekend.   I am trying I have to remind myself.  This is not supposed to be a reflection of my artistic capability...but I can't help but marvel over blog posts such as THIS one and THIS one!

My oldest daughter is trying to decide between a 'pretty' saint like St.  Elizabeth of Hungary and a nun saint such as St. Therese or St. Clare (as her little sister is going to be St. Therese).  It is quite a learning experience for her!  It is great to see her growing up and seeing the difference between just pleasing her little girl friends and to stand out among others with something pretty on versus being humble and learning about the Saint and her virtues that she would like to imitate and think are beautiful in God's eyes.

What to do....what to do....

Who to be.....who to be... 

So far, we have:  (mind you, it can and may just change ion 15 mins or by tomorrow! :))

Kid #1---St. John Vianney or St. John Bosco
Kid  #2---St. Elizabeth of  Hungary or St. Therese/St. Clare
Kid #3---St. Patrick
Kid #4---St. Therese
Kid #5 ---St. Peregrine
Kid #6---St. Francis or St. Padre Pio or any Franciscan monk saint :)

But nonetheless, we are having a great opportunity to learn about the saints and reading lots of them! 

Each year, there is some repeats of Saints in our family and some new ones too!  We find it a great way to witness to our neighborhood and even though some of my kids ask why they can't dress as Spiderman or whatever, it has never gotten into a fight.  The homeschool and friend All Saints Parties ALWAYS help b/c they see their friends and peers doing the same. 

Afterall, our family is not the only crazy Catholic one out there!!! haaaa haaaa

God bless,

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