Friday, October 22, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

There are a few things in life that I just can't live without (well, get the point).  One is coffee.  I love my coffee.  I love it first thing in the morning, preferably when all the kids are sleeping (that's a hoot, as if that ever happens but IT DID this week!!! yay!  I do wonder if it can happen again.  Please God? Thanks.) 

Second, My next favorite thing is my ice cream.  I love ice cream. Really, I do.  Always have and I am sure always will.  So, please tell me why on earth did I choose to buy 'store brand' ice cream?!  AHH!  It was a great deal and I am a sucker for good deals (as you've seen in my previous posts on tag/yard/garage sales:))
So, this ice cream deal was a good deal, but not a great one.  They had a huge sign that read "Ice Cream $2.49!)  Who could resist?  Obviously, I was suckered in....

I've learned my lesson.  Yuck.  Plain yuck.  I even got 2 different types and they both taste like...oh, I don't know....cardboard or something!!!  I am so disappointed.  I like my ice cream mid-day---I'd like to blame it on a pregnancy craving!  But I have to admit that I like ice cream anytime of the day anytime of the year, prego or not prego!!! :) heee heee!!! My favorite ice cream is by Breyers!

Just lookin' at those makes my mouth water.  Yum!

Thirdly, I love my pampered chef STONE and since we have moved, I have not found it YET!!! 
If any of you use it then you surely know what I am talking about!!!
Right???!!! :) 
I am wondering if our moving company broke it and didn't have the guts to tell me!  argh.   My homemade pizza and my cookies and scones just don't taste the same.  The kids whole heartedly agree too!!!

Scone, where are you?!?!? We miss you!

God bless,


midwestmom3 said...

I use my stone for all my baked goods too! I have found some at garage sales that were really great deals. I can never imagine why anyone would get rid of them!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

coffee. ice cream. pampered chef. we're kindred spirits!