Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our favorite toy lately for ALL my kids

Imaginarium LEGO Activity Table and Chair Set
OPPS!  I'm one day late for that 'Toy Review Tuesday'

It's funny when you 'hide' some toys for a while then bring them out again how excited the kids get!!! This has been my saving grace the last few mornings, as I sip away at my coffee (or 2!) trying to wake up. 

Lots of 7 lbs 15 oz Lego Duplo Blocks Figures Speciality Parts

Over the years, I have always picked up those big duplo lego blocks at tag sales and now I have a huge rubbermaid tub full of them.  Enough for 6 kids to play with out getting into too many fights!  Grandma also bought a bunch of those little people to go along with the blocks.  This has to be one of our favorite toys in our household for all the kids for years now.  Without a doubt.

DUPLO Town Set

And that great table above?  Oh yeah, I found that on the side of the road! ha! 

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