Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebrate being Catholic~!

And that we sure did!

This past weekend, we attended a "Catholic Heritage Festival" and it was joyous!  It was very multi-cultural, which is so beautiful.  My hubby ate Korean food, I ate Indian food and my kids at least ate a little bit of Mexican taquittos and then a bunch of American hot dogs and hamburgers! :)

This great singer was there and I enjoyed her music a lot; along with a terrific lineup of culturally different music.  Our whole family enjoyed the day, and it being a sunshine-y day since we have been enduring much rain the past week and a 1/2.

The best part, my hubby and I think, is that it only cost us $5 per vehicle and all the kids entertainment (fun and games, jumpy's and slides) were all free.  oh yeah!  Of course that is where you found us for just about the entire time!

Here are some pics: 

I loved this festival so much, simply b/c it showed our great culturals and how we are all Catholic!  It was great to see numerous cultural backgrounds coming together and for my kids to see how big our Church really is.
God bless,

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