Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What kid thinks like this?!

My oldest has been studying multiplication facts these past few months and now we have entered into division. It took us a while to get into division b/c I kept telling him that he really needs to master and know well his multiplication facts b/c division really is just inverse multiplication.

He is working on a division drill worksheet to work on his speed and accuracy with the facts.

Then he has an "Aha! moment". (Didn't Oprah use this term a lot?! I don't know...but anyway...)

He looks at how there are 4 columns totalling 44 problems. He notices they are all numbered. Then he proceeds to tell me that they are providing him the answers to this worksheet.

"Look, Mom! They are giving away the answers!"

Do YOU get this?
It took me a minute but yes, I also see it!

What is ever to become of my big buddy~?!?!
Gotta love this kid!

God bless,

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