Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve 2009-God's way

(BTW...yesterday was my 500th post! wow! ~~yippppeee!)

On another sad am I today.....?

My hubby and I had plans to go out on a real date this morning-kind of a brunch date-ya know, when we are actually awake! We have been waiting for this time alone to spend not so much as parents-as the Momma and Daddy- but as husband and wife-buddies & best friends- having uninterrupted with the love of my life. These dates are far and wide between and we need this time together to nourish our relationship (I know you know what I mean).

But then....just 10 minutes ago, it started to do THIS...that 'old man winter' got us again. We are pretty bummed...but it is that time of the year. God's Will be done. My hubby is so sweet that he bundled up our 2 year old and took him with him to go get a yummy coffee for both of us from our favorite town coffee shop. We have to celebrate somehow! Isn't that so sweet?! Funny how a cup of coffee years ago would mean nothing...but now it is considered so incredibly thoughtful! How times change and it really is the small stuff that matters, esp. with our spouses. Those small things make all the difference. All the difference.

So, for today... back to the drawing board in high hopes for another date hopefully soon.

And also for today, we'll be hovering around papers with many to do lists and full of our family and personal goals for this new year of 2010. Have you done your goals yet?

Happy New Year's Eve 2009!

God bless,

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